How To Survive The Two Week Wait


Nobody REALLY knows how to make the TWW (Two Week Wait) completely stress free. How could the possibility that you might conceive the child you have been dreaming of for months OR years not give you some anxiety?

If you’re not familiar with the TWW, this is the time between ovulation and your expected period. This is when you begin to over-analyze everything that is happening with your body. Your mind starts asking questions like—Am I pregnant? What if I really am?? What if I’m not? Will we try again next month? Can we afford to try again next month? Will I ever get pregnant???

The Two WEEK Wait can feel more like the Two MONTH Wait if you let your fears and anxieties completely take over.

I definitely don’t have any magic tricks to take all of your anxiety away but I do have 5 great tips that helped make the TWW a lot more bearable for me!

TWW Tip #1: Feed Your Anxieties

Like I said before, regardless of what anybody says–you are going to have some anxiety during the TWW. I decided to feed my anxieties (literally). I felt like I had to do something to help the process along since most of it is out of my control! Even if the things I was doing, might not be doing anything at all, it made me feel like I was helping in some way.

I started by doing research on “fertility boosters” or “fertility super-foods.” It was overwhelming to say the least. I wanted to do something that I could easily incorporate in my daily life, nothing too crazy. So I went to the website that has all the answers……..PINTEREST! I searched for fertility smoothies and about 100 different recipes popped up. Again, I wanted this to be as easy as possible so instead of following just one extremely intense recipe filled with ingredients I had never even heard of before…I wrote down several of the reoccurring ingredients that I saw in all the recipes and came up with my own TWW smoothie!


1/5 section of pineapple core

1/2 cup almond milk

1 tsp coconut oil or almost butter

1 tbsp maca root

1 tbsp chia seeds

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1 hand full of spinach

ICE (tastes much better cold)

1 tsp bee pollen for garnish

honey to sweeten (optional)

I started drinking these the day after our IUI. I only included the pineapple core for 5 days! I am NOT a doctor, fertility specialist, nutritionist, or baby making guru. The smoothies just helped me feel like I was fueling my body up for the TWW!

The only other things I did to “feed my anxieties” was I tried to eat mostly warm foods for those two weeks. I read that keeping your uterus warm helps make for a comfy place for a baby to implant! I also wore fuzzy warm socks whenever I had the chance.

Did the smoothies, warm foods, and fuzzy socks get me pregnant? Who knows….but it helped me keep some of my sanity during the TWW!

TWW Tip #2: Write Down Your Symptoms

Regan and I decided that on our 2nd cycle we would not over-analyze every little symptom. We actually decided that we wouldn’t talk about them at all! I decided that I would just start keeping track of all my symptoms in my phone as they occurred.

I did this for 2 reasons:

1) I would be able to look back on my symptoms when I tried again.

2) I had an outlet for the things I was thinking and feeling.

I truly believe this helped Regan and I both relax more during the TWW! It was also a lot of fun to share my symptoms with Regan afterwards. 🙂

TWW Tip #3: Don’t Test Too Early

This one is hard….like REALLY hard! Especially if you “feel” pregnant.What really helped me was to read up on the actual conception process. That way, I could talk myself out of testing 5 days past IUI because I knew implantation doesn’t even happen until days 6-12!

We did test a little early at 10 days past IUI. We probably should have waited just a couple more days because the line was extremely faint and that caused a whole new list of anxieties! Just hold off as long as you can and read up on the stages during conception so that you don’t test too early and become disappointed!

TWW Tip #4: Find Support

In our situation, we did not know a single person who was going through the same things we were. We have amazing friends and family that continue to support us through our journey, but they had never had an IUI. I needed to find a community of people who had experienced this TWW before! Whether you had an IUI, doing IVF, or conceiving naturally…you need support from people who can understand what you are going through.

I personally reached out to different communities online thru an app called “Glow”–This is a free app used to track your period and pregnancy. There are hundreds of discussion boards with women posting their experiences and questions which I found really helpful and comforting at times. My only advice about using an app like “Glow” is to remember that most of the women posting are just as worried and lost as you are. It’s important that you take any advice cautiously because it may not be true for your own experience.

I just liked not feeling alone during those two weeks. It is extremely important that you find support in ways that will really make you feel better about your experience during the TWW!

TWW Tip #5: Stay Positive

This tip is WAY easier said than done, I know. I hate being cliche or giving people obvious advice. However, this one is really important! How can you expect your body to create a miracle if you doubt it every step of the way?

Throughout my relationship with Regan, we both have always believed everything happens for a reason. I’m one of those people who believe I was stuck in traffic for an hour because if I wasn’t, I would’ve been in a car accident, or wouldn’t have ran into that old friend later in the day. Just trust yourself. You are a woman who can create miracles. Even if fertility is an issue for you, everything happens exactly when it is supposed to.

You are strong and powerful. Do not let other people’s experiences dictate your own to the point where you are comparing yourself in an unhealthy way. Take a step back and just let it happen. Whenever it happens, it will be perfect timing.

I hope my 5 TWW Survival Tips can help you during your own journey! There are several tips out there– just do your best to focus on what will help YOU get through the dreaded Two Week Wait! 🙂


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  1. Lynn Court says:

    I loved it keep up the good work love you both

  2. Jessica says:

    This was such a thoughtful post. So grateful for you both sharing your journey!

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