Let’s Make A Baby!

Doesn’t it sound so simple and fun? To most–the baby making festivities consist of dancing between the sheets until you get that BFP (Big Fat Positive). This is definitely one of the few things I envy most about you fertile heterosexuals!

Do you want to know how it went down when I said “Let’s Make A Baby” to Nicole???

Regan: “Heyyyy….Let’s Make A Baby!”

Nicole: “Okay! I guess we should start researching fertility clinics and make an appointment.”

Ahhhh….So Romantic am I RIGHT!?

It gets even more passionate when you’re sitting in a doctors office getting grilled about your family history, how many partners your wife has had, and discussing the best places to find our missing ingredient——the SPERM!

Don’t even get me started on the many hours spent searching for the PERFECT sperm donor. In case you didn’t know, the PERFECT sperm donor doesn’t exist. The PERFECT sperm donor would be myself….but as you know that’s not possible!

OH, you found a sperm donor? That’s great—-Now it’s time to get your blood drawn and start tracking your ovulation!

Romantic enough for you yet?

Okay…how about now?

“Alexa, play meditation music.” —Our 65 year old fertility Dr. minutes before sticking a syringe full of our missing ingredient into my wife’s “whoo-haa”

You might be thinking…That’s it! It can’t get any better than that!?

But then here comes the best part….

$3,000 flies out of our bank account!!!!

Actually, here comes the best part….


Sure–it’s not the cheapest, most romantic journey we have ever had…

But I know it’s just the beginning to our greatest adventure yet!




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  1. Jessica says:

    Can you guys do a detailed post on expenses and what your experience was like? Like what would insurance cover versus out of pocket and stuff? I also think it would be really interesting to hear what your relationships were like with your medical providers as a lesbian couple.

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